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    1. Age: 17

    2. Nickname in-game: Pαrαgrαғ〆  

    3. TM2 Stadium log-in: paragraf_svk

    4. Country: Slovakia

    5. Experience in TM (how long have you been playing): 8 years with small breaks (first 2 years lol servers, then funspeed and in november 2014 started fullspeed (didn’t know anything about this style before))

    6. How often do you play: Depends on school, badminton and friends (girls Very Happy). But on average ~1 hour per day, during weekends and vacations usually way more.
    7. Previous teams, reasons why you left:
    sef. – didn’t see any future after aAa cup, because we were like 4 active players in tm2.
    spX – rest of the team isn’t very motivated anymore, organization in the team is very bad + activity is at freezing-point.  

    8. How did you find out about AR: from dedis, servers, cups and so on...

    9. What could you bring to the team: A new enthusiastic training partner who hopefully will be good enough to support you in competitive play.

    10. Any tournament or competition experience: A.Core Fullspeed Cup (with spX)
                                                                                               aAa Speed Mastership (with sef.)
                                                                                               ESL – SNC 2015 (with Czech Republic&Slovakia)
                                                                                               ESL – Open League Summer 2015 (1v1)
                                                                                               ESL – Speed Premiership #8 (with spX)
                                                                                              + some other, not that important to mention.

    Best regards,

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    Post  Shadow on Tue Jan 19, 2016 8:27 am

    do your best, post the replays in a reply here


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    Post  Paragraf_svk on Thu Jan 21, 2016 9:43 pm

    Well, here we go -> (whoops, wasn't able to send a link and I sent this post by mistake  Neutral )
    I tried my best, failed few better times on every track but that's normal I think. I hope that they're good enough king.

    E: sent replays to shadow in PM.

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