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    We currently accept players only through invitation. The open application process is closed.

    Application process
    You may ask questions about any of the information in this post in this topic only.
    You must be at least 16 years old to apply, unless notified otherwise.
    We do not recruit TMNF players, you may be involved in TMNF, but you will be tested in TM2 Stadium and are expected to mainly be involved in it as well.

    1. Sign up on this site.

    2. Get to know the Team Rules & Requirements and make sure you are able to follow them.

    3. Leave any team you are currently part of and remove the tags from your in-game nickname.

    4. Create a new topic in the Join Aurora Racing section. Write an application using the form given.

    5. Take the application seriously. Be specific and do not leave out or skip any part of the application, you are accountable for whatever it states.

    6. If your application is in order, you may be sent a number of tracks with replays that you must practice. You may be asked to play them in rounds during a weekly AR event or to send in your replays.

    7. Your application will be handled by a single recruiter, however, that does not exempt you from having to interact with other members. The recruiters decision is final, but team members may be asked to give their input.

    8. Receiving a confirmation does not present you with a team tag until you prove yourself able to contribute to the team. It is entirely up to you how long it will take.

    9. You may apply as many times as you like, however, in case of a denied application, you must wait at least 30 days before trying again

    Team Rules & Requirements

    Not being aware of the rules does not exclude you from being subject to them.

    1. We use English to communicate, as we are an international community. You must have basic communication skills, as they will be essential.

    2. You are required to provide basic contact information to the team leader, when asked to do so. This information will remain private, if asked to keep it that way.

    3. You are required to be aware of what goes on in the forums, as well as in-game. Failure to utilize this website will result in termination of the account and your membership on the team. Though, not required to spam in the topics, input in certain topics is necessary.

    4. Staying in contact with the team in essential, repeated accountability complaints will have consequences on your status in the team.

    5. Take part in important discussions, with or without being asked to do so. It is for your, as well as the benefit of the team as a whole.

    6. Take part in the weekly matches and events as often as possible.

    7. Play online or be involved in the general TrackMania community, as well as the team by any other means.

    8. Post ideas, criticism and improvement suggestions. No idea or suggestion is too big or too small to be considered.

    9. Respect the tag and follow the rules that accompany using it. You represent the team.

    10. Stay loyal. Any action leading to doubts over loyalty to the community and the team will be dealt with depending on to the severity of the incident.

    Best of luck!

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